Romance Junkies 2012 Writing Contest

 Taking the plunge into Indie Publishing contest!
If you have a new manuscript and you would like to publish it yourself, or you have regained the rights to a work you have previously sold to a publisher, this is the contest for you!

Congratulations Contest Winners!

Grand Prize: Gladiator Heart


2 Skinner
3 Sphinx
4 Cassie's Hope
5 Franco's Fortune
6 A Ghost of a Chance
7 Her Unlikely Protector
8 Caribbean Jerk
9 A Demon's Redemption


The Prizes for the Readers!

The voting process allows readers to provide feedback to the writers through our online form. Each week an email address will be selected at random from these posts and prizes will be given out.

The Prizes for the Writers!

The Staff of Romance Junkieswill select winners from among the Finalists.

The Grand Prize winner will be given their choice of three of the prizes listed below, as well as a Promotional Package from Romance Junkies including a years worth of advertising services.

The remaining finalists will be able to choose 1 prize until all of the prizes are awarded.


Romance Junkies Promotional Package

One year of Promo on Romance Junkies to try and get you the best exposure we are offering the following items that you can then arrange into a twelve month promo package. Use the items in any way you like within that twelve month period.

A. 6 Features - The feature is a photo (if you want), a link to an excerpt of book (on your page due to copyrights of publisher), and part of the review as a teaser (if review is a bit late we will put a book blurb). It runs for one month starting on the 15/16th of the month. Normal cost - $25/month

B. 7 Small Book Cover Ads - Your book cover would appear beneath the left side Newest Reviews menu on the Review Central page. It would be a static ad that links to whatever url you supply. Size of cover - 200 height and no wider than 128 pixels. Normal cost - $10/month

C. 1 Cocktail Hour - It's a mini after hours discussion which features your current release along with fun and zany photos (photos you would normally send to friends but not think of using for an interview). The after hour discussion is something you would talk about sitting around at a table drinking cocktails with friends. It's a chance for the readers to get to know the author after hours. The author's cocktail hour becomes a permanent link on the RJ Cocktail hour home page. Normal cost - $30

D 1 Author Spotlights -Spotlights never go away. We create a special spotlight page for you that is always available from our spotlight area and we send you the url for it. What's in a spotlight? Author photo, book cover, buy link, book blurb, excerpt link, author bio. Also includes an Author Insights area, author bookshelf, favorite season, interview, diary (you tell us what a typical day is like for you), and we have some questions for your friends/family writing buddies that we post answers to. Also includes 5 to 6 photos- Normal cost -$75

E. 12 Months of space in the banner rotation - Banner runs in a rotation software. The banner software pulls banners randomly and they show up on the RJ pages--including all the review pages, most the main pages such as contest page. Normal cost - $15/month

F. We will create 4 banners for you. We can create - Regular Size 468x60/ Skycraper banner - Size 120 width by 600 height / Big banner - 728px width X 90px height / Normal cost - $15/each

G. We will create 1 Skycraper flash banner for you. Normal cost - $35/each

H. We will run 2 contests for you on our RJ contest page.

Total value of Package - $600

Prize: Book Video by the Author's Secret Fifty-eight seconds to one minute twenty seconds. Includes: all images (pre-approved images for characters) royalty-free music wmv file to upload to author's own YouTube channel upload detail sheet with instructions, keywords, and suggested settings posting on the Author's Secret YouTube channel posting on the Author's Secret Facebook page Cost $75.00

The Authors Secret

Prize: One full package...any word count manuscript formatted to Smashwords standard, then converted for kindle, nook, and pdf. All extras are covered and if they want to publish thru Createspace I'll throw in a POD format as well.

Iron Horse Formatting

Prize: One Book Cover

Skyfire Creations

Prize: Either One book cover or e-book conversion/formatting.
35% off a web site.

Check out their Indie Resource Listing!

Bella Media Management

Prize: Editing and Formatting for One Book


Prize: One Book Cover

Check out their Indie Resource Listing!

Patty G. Henderson

Prize: One Book Cover

Customs Book Covers

Prize: One Book Cover

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EJR Digital Art

Prize: One Edit

Creative Manuscripts

Prize: Copyedit 15 pages of manuscript

Check out their Indie Resource Listing!

Ana Baird

Prize: One Cover using existing stock photos.

Check out their Indie Resource Listing!

Duvall Designs

Prize: A free complete line and content edit of up three chapters of their book. This means spelling/grammar/punctuation/ consistency/logic/plot holes/POV etc all in the one edit.

Check out their Indie Resource Listing!

Helen Woodall

Prize: One free edit of the first 20 pages.

Laura Kelly Editorial Services


Info For Writers

About Writing Contest 2012


  1. It's free.
  2. Contest is open to both published and unpublished authors.
  3. Categories were created for the convenience of the readers. All entries will be judged the same, we will not be breaking it up into winners by category.
  4. Each week we post a group of entries to be voted on by readers.
  5. The entry that receives the most votes from each week will be entered into the final round of competition..
  6. Two Wildcard Finalists will be selected by the Romance Junkies staff from the entries that did not win their week.
  7. Romance Junkies Staff will review the Finalists and select a Grand prize winner.

Contest Schedule

July 1st– September 1st-- Take in Entries

September 1st– thru December 14th– Post entries
(every week a group of entries are posted on the contest page to be voted on by readers)

December 30th– Winners Announced

So how do you enter? You scroll down and read all the Rules and stuff we put in to cover our butts. Then you polish up your entry and click the link and paste it in. ;-) Easy as pie. Please help us get the word out about our contest and pass it onto your reading and writing friends!
- Romance Junkies


Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. Contest is free and open to all published and non-published authors . If you are a published author (print published, epublished or self published), we request that you submit under an assumed name in order to assure unbiased voting.
  2. The work may have been previously published, but must not be available for purchase, and all rights must have reverted to the author.
  3. The copywrite for all works must be own solely by the submitting author.
  4. You can enter more than once, but are limited to only three entries per person.
  5. Romance Junkies is a PG-13 site and the entries need to be PG13. Please ensure that your entry adheres to this policy. If you have any questions as to what is allowable please contact Cat Brown at writingcontest Your manuscript can be more than PG13, but the part you send into us has to be PG13 so we can post it on our website for voting.
  6. The entry should contain first twenty pages of your book.
  7. Entrant fully understands that the judging is subjective, and that they may receive critiques with which they do not agree. Entrant will accept and abide by the decision of the judges.
  8. Entrant will hold Romance Junkies, its members, officers and the judges of this contest harmless and hereby release them from any liability, which may arise from this contest. By submitting the entry, entrant specifically waives any right they may have to bring suit against Romance Junkies, its members, officers, representatives or judges.
  9. Contest entrants are eligible for the reader prizes, including weekly prize, awarded to readers for voting in the contest.
  10. We have online voting software which allows us to track anyone who is double voting or trying to use multiple click software that is floating around the net to increase their votes. If you cheat you will be dropped from the contest.
  11. We want the winner of the contest to be based on talent, not popularity, so you can't post the entry title on websites, blogs, yahoo groups or forums. You can tell people about the contest, but you can not reveal the title or name you are writing under. Anyone found soliciting votes will be immediately disqualified.

How do I Enter?

Just fill in the blanks on the form. Pick a Category for your entry. We have two spots for your email. One will be made public and that is the Author email box, only enter it in that box if you wish it to be made public. There is another spot for an email that won't show up on the site and it will allows us to contact you it's a box called -Non-Public Email. We have a place for your url if you have one, but it won't be posted until the very end of contest. And ignore the Author bio box. We needed to put that up for the writing articles. Everything you fill into the form shows up on the contest page, except non public email and url (which will post at end of contest.). In the First Paragraph you can put the first paragraph of your entry. Paste all of your entry (except first paragraph) into the Entry box. The easiest thing to do is get all your info down in a word document using New Times Roman 12 and then just copy and paste the information into the form. If you have any problems please send us an email at


People have also asked if they can put shout outs about their entry up on their loops and tell their friends about it. What we are asking is if you put shout outs about the contest please don’t specify which entry is yours or the name you are writing under. What we have found in the past is when people go around their loops and tell everyone to come vote for them, that’s what happens - one person (the most popular person) gets a ton of votes and no one else does. We would love for you to let people know about the contest and bring more readers to the contest to vote, but do you really want the winners to be based on who is more popular? So if you could keep your writing name and entry title anonymous it would help to create a fair playing field. If you have posted the entry title or name you are writing under please send us another name and/or title for us to use on your entry.

Will we find out if you cheat? Yes. People send us emails all the time telling us about someone not following the rules. Its a small community so please adhere to the rules.

So many people had none public emails that we decided to have all the comments from readers sent to the writingcontest@ and from there we forward them onto each author.

On our part we are doing all we can to try and bring in readers to vote and give you feedback. But we need your help to spread the word.And we also need YOUR votes. Yes, you can go and vote each week on entries. If you haven't had a chance to vote on this weeks entries go check them out! And yes, you can vote on your own entry when it’s up ;-)Don't forget to support the contest you entered by voting every week on entries.

By clicking on the enter RJ writing contest link below and entering your chapter you are agreeing to our rules and regulations. By entering the contest you are agreeing that the material is from an fictional work of your own creation, and that there are no references to any place or person that could result in liability

All content on this website is copyrighted 2003-2012 by Romance Junkies and any reproduction of any kind is prohibited. All book excerpts contained in this site are copyrighted by the author.


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